Being thankful in a world that sometimes sucks

Lately every day it seems like we’re bombarded with horrible news. I fiercely believe in living happily but that doesn’t mean being unaffected or in denial about the world around you. At times I will talk about my opinions regarding controversial topics. I hope to share how my politics are an extension of my character and lifestyle, and I realize that not everyone who reads this blog will agree with me. That’s okay, we don’t all have to agree, but being able to have an open, calm outlet to discuss these things is very important. We can’t fix things if we don’t address them, and there are definitely a lot of things that need fixing.

Here is a quick intro to some of my core beliefs/stances on current issues:
The situation in this country is dire, and I stand very firmly with those people protesting the decision in Ferguson as well as those striking for the right to a living wage. I believe very strongly that corporations are not people and money does not belong in politics. I also believe that, unfortunately, it’s a dangerous and difficult country for certain people, mainly those people that are considered minorities. Which is ridiculous, considering we outnumber the supposed majority. (For those of you who don’t know me, though I look “white” I am actually latina, thus the use of we). I believe this country has amazing potential, it has this beautiful dream, but it seems to be self destructing right now. It’s pretty simple really, as a nation we are wealthy enough that no one should go hungry, homeless, or without medical care. If you work 40 hours a week you should be paid enough to live on. It is a matter of raising one another up so we all stand taller. That means no matter what sex, race, or sexual orientation, we take care of each other. We’re all human.


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